Meet the new Mumpreneurs|MK Angels!

Our team is growing yaaay!

For every event training session, workshop and conference we host as a network, it would be impossible to deliver the robust work we do, without the help and support of our volunteers, or as we like to refer to them our 'Mumpreneurs|MK Angels!'. Complimented beautifully by the dedicated and passionate lead, our Founder Bianca Chappell provides The Mumprneurs|MK network with. 

We are bursting with joy to announce that we now have two newbies joining our Mumprneurs|MK team, taking a lead on hosting events and administrative support throughout the network. 

As a networking development agency and leadership infrastructure organisation, supporting Mumpreneurs within Milton Keynes and the Three Counties. We pride ourselves with the connections that we make with the commercial business sector and women in business holding positions of power. This is not only to support our network but to deliver work to support our community members too! 

So to have these two fabulous women join the Mumprneurs|MK team, bringing a wealth of experience and high standards for the business sector with them is an absolute joy. 

We have always said, "when women come together great things happen!" and we have now proved this to be true.

Our Mumprneurs|MK Angels rock!


Mumpreneurs|MK & The Mayor of Milton Keynes!

After the success of our first inspiration and empowerment conference #MumpreneursMKLive! We are thrilled to have received a letter from our events guest of honour The Mayor of Milton Keynes.

Supporting Mums in enterprise is at the core of what The Mumpreneurs|MK Network do, we are a networking development agency that is proud to be successfully supporting Mumpreneurs since 2012.

From our events, workshops, conferences and Members Club #TheMMC we aim to connect and support our Mumpreneur tribe, and are delighted to establish new connections this week, supporting us to deliver this work even further.


Meet our new network friends!

We are absolutely delighted to have Morrisons as an official supporter of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, and an official commercial sponsor for our #MumprneursMKLive! 2017 event. As a not for profit organisation leadership infrastructure organisation, it would be impossible for us to deliver the work we do for the Mumpreneurs community, without the support and in-kind donations from robust businesses. It is an honour to have Morrisons join our list of Mumpreneurs|MK Network sponsors, we are thrilled to have you on board as friends and supporters of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network.

Mumpreneurs|MK LIVE! 2017

It is an absolute delight to be able to host our very first Mumpreneurs|MK LIVE! conference, connecting you with leading industry experts within the sectors of:
  • Marketing
  • Social Media for business
  • Personal Branding
  • Self-Care for the female entrepreneur
to name a few, who are all not only successful national & international business owners, but Mumpreneurs too!

The Mumpreneurs|MK LIVE! conference is going to be a platform where you will not only hear from successful and inspirational women in business but also learn top tips from industry experts on topics that will support your entrepreneurial journey, whilst meeting and networking with fellow mums in enterprise.  

We are thrilled to be able to host this high vibe and valuable event to support, empower and connect the MK and beyond Mumpreneur sector. So much so we have released a limited amount of Mumpreneurs|MK Live! early bird tickets, where not only are we releasing at a discounted price, but also gifting all early bird ticket holders with a Mumpreneurs|MK Live! goody bag. 

Who is this conference for?

The Mumpreneurs|MK Live! conference is perfect for mums in enterprise who are within the first 2 years of business and are ready to up-level their empire with a more focused strategic approach. The Mumpreneurs|MK Live! conference is equally perfect for Mumpreneurs who have a particular interest making new connections with other mums in enterprise.

What to expect

We have purposely designed the Mumpreneurs|MK Live! conference to fit perfectly in between the school run, providing all attendees with the opportunity to be able to commit fully to a great day of learning and networking in #MumpreneurLand, the itinerary of the day is as follows:
  • Registration 
  • Welcome 
  • Guest Speakers
  • Lunch 
  • Panel Q&A
  • The Networking Hub

The Mumpreneurs|MK Live! conference is hosted by Mumpreneurs with Mumpreneurs in mind, so we understand that the constraints of getting the Mum V Mumpreneur balance right! We also understand how important it is for mums in enterprise to have protected time to invest in their empires without interruptions from our little people, with this in mind the Mumpreneurs|MK Live! conference is a child-free zone.

The team behind the Mumpreneurs|MK Network are so committed to delivering a conference that is full of high value to support your entrepreneurial journey, and we are so excited to meet all those who are able to find time to invest in their empires, by investing time in themselves to attend this fab conference.

We are really looking forward meeting you all at what will be a great day out in #MumpreneurLand


The team down at Mumpreneurs|MK love a field trip! So we were delighted to support our Founder Bianca Chappell when she was asked to be guest speaker and expert panelist. At the #BeBoldForChange event at the MK hatchery for the Entrepreneurial-Spark business accelerator
programme, powered by Natwest Business in celebration of International Womens Day 2017. 

It was such a great day! We were in a room surrounded by women in enterprise, some starting out and some well seasoned but all ready to share and connect with each other on a level that brought equality and empowerment. 

Of course we sat at the back of the room beaming with pride as we witnessed the captivating, inspiring and empowering talk that our organisations Founder Biacna Chappell gave. Whenever she steps on stage, the audience are in for a real treat as Bianca just has the natural ability to tell her story of how she created The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, and her coaching practise for Mums and Mumprneurs M|MK Coaching, with such passion and honesty. 

We networked, made new connections, enjoyed a great spread with lovely wine and ended the day with a great collection of new women joining our fab network as official Mumpreneurs|MK Members

It is far to say we had an extraordinary day out and about with our networks Founder, celebrating the secret superheroes of the world.... the is women!

BBC Radio stations & Mumprneurs|MK

There is some really really exciting 'things' going on behind the scenes of Mumprneurs|MK, & it seems our Founder Bianca Chappell is quite at home rubbing shoulders with our friends down at the BBC, who love to showcase the great work of our fab organisation. 

Over the last few week we have been invited to talk about the Mumpreneurs|MK organisation on some great media platform within the local area, including BBC Three Counties Radio station, resulting in collaborations & projects that will serve our community members in ways we could have only imagined.

We will be announcing & launching new projects as a result of our bumper start to the year with the media over the next few months, so do keep an eye out for how we intend to further support your entrepreneurial journey.  

Hot-Desking @ The Mumpreneurs|MK Center

There is nothing we love more, than responding to the needs of our Mumpreeurs|MK community memebers, so again you spoke & we listned! 

We are delighted to announce that we now have three hot desks down at our headquarters, for Mumpreneurs to use as & when they require a workspace or simply a change of scenery.

Many Mumpreneurs work from home, so we are delighted to be able to provide a fresh, trendy & welcoming workspace, as one of the many many ways we like to support our mums in enterprise.

The hot-desks will need to be pre-booked & are subject to availability between business hours Monday to Friday, for the price of £5 per hour, inclusive of unlimited hot drinks & free WiFi. 

We know that amazing right! haha... 

To book simply call 07490034364

Mumpreneurs|MK & The BBC!

With Mums in enterprise making a positive impact on the UKs economy, it was an absolute delight to have our organisation featured on the BBC. It was lights camera action down at our headquarters, when the film crew visited our fab networking suit to film our Founder Bianca Chappell, who was recognised as one of Buckinghamshires successful Mumprneurs! 

Our Founder, conducted a feture interview outlining the 'why' behind The Mumpreneurs|MK Network and how she further supports mums an mums in business, in her private coaching practise M|MK Coaching

We have been amazed at the collaborative projects that have come out of this exposure of our fab organisation, and can not wait to start working on projects with business leaders to further support mums in enterprise under The Mumprneurs|MK Network umbrella.

We have so much in store for our community members, and are honoured to be a research agency supporting economic growth for female entrepreneurs in the UK. 

What a great start to the year for our fab community! Click here to watch the feature in full.

Its been 388 days since...

I'm so happy to finally have the Mumpreneurs|MK logo along & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit on the door down at The Mumpreneurs|MK Center. 

It's been 388 days since Mumpreneurs|MK moved into our own home & we have created a fresh, stylish, welcoming & professional networking space for our mumpreneurs. Orgnanically growing since we started in 2012, on the funding & sponsorship of commercial companies within our local town, & now thanks to the support of local company CMI Architecture, we now have our name on the door.

Running a home, family, business (M|MK Coaching), The Mumpreneurs|MK Network & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit is hard hard work, but! So, so rewarding & my passion of love, so when little things like this happen, it means the world.

So my lovely, from one mumpreneur to another, I encourage you to keep going with the development of your empire, even on the bad, things are not making sense, this is not working, I need to go back into employment days haha.. (we all have them from time to time my lovely, its perfectly normal) But just keep going & dont give up, because you are probably on the brink of your business breakthrough. Don't forget to celebrate your small victories lovelies, you have probably got more to celebrate then you realise!

Bianca Chappell
Founder of  The Mumprneurs|MK Network

How the holidays are the perfect period to tidy up paperwork

The Christmas festivities have died down, the wine is all by a memory, and the beloved Christmas music has been taken out of the CD player for another year. The busyness of Christmas Day is starting to recede from your memory, and before you know it, thoughts have returned to work.

But before you knuckle down to answer emails, or plan for the year ahead, there is one area of your business that really needs your attention, and this is the perfect time to do it. Paperwork!

For many it becomes the bane of their lives. Papers shoved in folders, piled in countless trays or left haphazard around the room and desk are not only untidy and disorganised, but can actually cost your business time and money! We all know how busy our working lives are, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there is time for sorting out paperwork, as our time is always being nabbed by the newest client, the loudest client, the urgent emails, and the ‘must do’s’ on our to-do lists.

Follow this easy step guide to sorting out your paperwork, and you’ll be set to go from the first week of January; free to keep building up your business:

Decide on a system that works for you. There is little point in touching a single piece of paper if you don’t know where it is going to be filed. Label them consistently and clearly if using the paper route.

Put all paperwork together in 1 pile. Trying to sort your papers into piles for filing are made harder if there are already piles all over the desk. This way, you can take the 1st piece and work through the pile one at a time.

Establish a tray system. The most basic system could be 3 trays – In tray, In Process, Out Tray (my fiancĂ©e’s aka bookkeeper’s favourite way!). The system starts with new things coming in, a new job, a bill, something from your to-do list, which then goes in the In Tray. The In Process tray is for any paperwork that you are using for any current projects or jobs. And the last tray is for jobs or tasks completed, that still need filing. You can add any other trays you feel are necessary to ensure a smooth flow of work, keeping that paperwork as tidy for as long as possible.

Tidy up your office space. Take a good look at your desk. What things do you regularly use, and which things do you hardly touch? Find somewhere else for those things you barely use. Tuck cables away. This might even mean putting away office equipment you don’t use very much, or finding a new home for it in your office. Things like printers, fax machines all take up space on your desk, leaving you less room to actually work. Invest in as many wireless devices as you can such as keyboards, a mouse to help to keep cables to a minimum.

Once you have everything tidied up and organised, you can set aside a period of time, weekly, to deal with all paperwork, meaning this time next year, you don’t need so much time to get organised!

Now that your office is tidy, and your paperwork is filed away neatly, there is no chance that accidental spillage of tea will ruin any precious pieces of paper!

Tidy desk, tidy mind!

Article written by: Emma Williamson
Owner of: Make a Cup of Tea Website:

Round up of the year

We’ve all seen those ‘Your year’ posts on social media. You know, the ones that pull in your favourite posts, the photo that got the most likes, the tagged photos that everyone got a laugh at throughout the year. 

They are designed to give you a chance to look back on the year you’ve had, the ups, the downs, the happy moments, the not so happy moments.

This type of collection can also work for your business, for giving you a chance to see what’s happened in the world of your business, but can also give current AND potential clients an idea of what your journey has been like in the last 12 months.

The types of things you can pull together are popular blogs you’ve written, videos of your business, achievements or accolades, positive feedback from satisfied clients or customers and lots of photos.

These can be of creations, or items that you sell, or even a screenshot of your newly renovated website! Anything that shows the progression of your business over the past year.

Collate and share to your heart’s content!

If nothing else, it will bring a smile to your face, as you reminisce on your successes, however small they may be, into something you can look back at in years to come!

Article written by: Emma Williamson
Owner of: Make a Cup of Tea Website:

'The Mumpreneurs|MK Mingle' our monthly co-working event

We are delighted to open our doors, on the last Friday of every month. To provide a, calm & quiet space, for female business owners, to come down to our headquarters, & simply work on their businesses, whilst making new professional connections.

No structure, no introductions, no agendas, just simply protected time to get your head down & spend time on your empire, with none of lifes interruptions or distractions. Surrounded by fellow business woman, for you to build your co-working network with. 

No booking required, simply bring along your laptops, journals & 'To-Do Lists', & we will have the kettle on & a fresh, friendly & professional space for you to work from, beofre head ing back into the hustle & bustle of the school run.

This is our monthly event, provided with full compliments of Mumpreneurs|MK, for all female business owners, who wish to accept our invitation to use the center for concentrated working, & making connections with like minded women in busness.

Oh & did we mention, the drinks are on us! For full details on the venue & time of this fab co-working event, please click here

We look forward to seeing you lovelies! 

Join Our Leadership Programme

We are thrilled to announce that we are on the hunt for 'Club Presidents' to lead & host monthly business mastermind meetings, events & workshops in their local areas, for female entrepreneurs. 

Experience is not necessary as full training & year round support will be given, knowledge of & connection to the female entrepreneurial landscape within their local area is desirable but not essential.

All candidates must have a vibrant personality, professional persona & excellent organisational skills. 

If this sounds like a opportunity you would like to explore further, we would love to hear from you. Let's have a chit chat & explore this oppertunity further.

To show intrest, simply send us a message via the 'Contact Portal' to the right of this page, with a brief outline of why this oppertunity excites you, & we will be in touch!


Lots of work has been going on behind scenes, during the last week here at Mumpreneurs|MK. All with the aim of making our fab community even better, to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Facebook Group is here for you my lovelies! All the content I post is to motivate, inspire & develop your Mumpreneur journey. But you just can't beat good old chit chat, advice & tip sharing between women, who all have a common bond can yah haha... And as were all on a journey of entrepreneurial success, I'm sure we could talk the hind legs off a donkey between us lol...

So here is my personal invitation to each & everyone of you, to feel free to participate in our Facebook Group with any Qs, tips, advice, Biz rants, live videos, Boss Lady successes, discussion topics, messages of motivation, workspace selfies, e.t.c you catch my drift haha....

#Goals - Use our group to post about your goals for the day/week/month. We would love to support you!

#Qs - If there is anything you'd like to ask this group? Biz problem, Biz rant about, advice, JUST DO IT! We're here to help yah huni.

#Tips - Have you discovered a new resource, system, tool or perhaps new process that has worked & helped you in your business significantly? Share the love with us lovely! There is someone on this Mumpreneurs|MK Girl Gang, that needs your knowledge.

#Inspiration -We can ALL inspire eachother, so please share anything that inspires or motivates you. I promise it will help another #BossLady in the group. Be the person to put a smile on her face.

#Achievments- We want to celebrate with you! So go ahead & share your business wins & achievements. If there is something you are proud you've accomplished, be it big or small. Let's celebrate with you. 

#Selfies - Us M|MK lades, luuurv a good selfie! Especially a workspace, & stationary selfie. So go ahead & share your #MumpreneurLand moments with us. 

As Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, & manager of our high engagmnet Facebook Group I will approve almost ALL posts, in line with the above, because this group & community is here to support women entripeneurs just like you. Let's come together & make this lonely experience of building an empire, less isolating, more supportive & above all fun.

Oh & remember, our closed group is for our eyes only, if your names not down, you ain't coming in! (& trust me I vet everyone before I decide to press the approve button). So don't worry about being vulnerable at times, or asking what you think are silly Qs. I promise there will be a 100 others probably thinking the same thing at some point or another.

See you over ther lovelies!

Bianca Chappell 
Founder of The Mumprneurs|MK Network

p.s: Incase you missded the link to the to join our fab Facebook Group... Click here!


I hosted a webinar last night, with a intimate group of my M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp clients ( Where I used this image as part of an exercise to, get them thinking like a business woman.

I simply asked "what do you see?" Some said, it compromised the quality & reputation of the brand. Others said, it encourages customers to make the expensive purchase, of a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. As an expression & celebration of being able to to do so.

Nobody said, it was just a bag that made them laugh. Great! Correct answer.

Because as women in business, when we decide to step up our game, & really work at making our empires legendary & sustainable businesses.

We must look at things differently! We must look at business from angles that many don't, because that is what the successful big players in business do. We must always think about the consequences, both positive & negative of our actions, when making decisions & taking business risks.

So I ask you my lovelies, are you really truly thinking like a business woman? Are really truly making decisions & taking business risks, after exploring the consequences rather than before? Are you thinking about your business from all angles? Do you really have a business woman mindset?

This is food for thought my lovely I know, it's mindset work that is required on a regular basis to develop your business. A task well worth making time for on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Bianca Chappell Ba-Hons
Owner of M|MK Coaching Practice

Minsdet Mastery


Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, & stop being in the 98%?

Most will say yes, but their actions tell a diffrent story. Beause simply put they are scared of being vulnerable, taking the risk, & taking action, to design the life they really want to live! Why because it means going against a lot of their unconscious rules, it means stepping out, it means embracing the unknown & going for your dreams.

The truth is, when you strip it all back & keep things simple. Making your dreams achievable is easier than you think (especially with a good Coach by your side *wink wink haha).

Identifying your life vision, & being bold enough to execute it leads to. Confidence, excitement, abundance, & a happier more fulfilled you who is living life as the 2%

So my lovelies, be bold, be brave & go for your dreams! 


Bianca Chappell Ba-Hons T.L.S
Owner of M|MK Coaching Practice

4 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Managment For Business

As female business owners, many of us have online personas for our empires. Be it to sell products, promote our services, lead our tribe, be visible or to communicate with your audiance. Social media to business, is like water to a person lost in the desert! When used correctly at peak times, it really is a platform that can catapult your professional persona & business, to new dimesions. 

So as a business woman, now you have established that social media is a platform well worth using, the next step is to get your head around the task of managing it! Yes my lovley I know, at times managing your social media accounts (especially if you have multiple platforms to show up in) can feel like you are giving birth whilst doing the school run... all at the same time! #Stressful! Its overwhelming & just as you get it, an update happens... & your back to square one! The journey of understanding starts again. Yup I know, your not alone my lovely its an ongoing battle. Haha...
 As a Mumpreneur myself, who has a high volume socail media presence, on multiple platforms. I made it my duty to research ways to take the stress out of my socail media managment, & explore the many reports out there. That tell us the best times to post to get maximum impact out of our engagment efforts. I focused on the three most popular platforms for business, as identified from my research project with my M|MK Coaching clients. These were Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

So here goes lovelies, grab your snazzy pens & note books, were going in!

When is the best time to post on Facebook?
In the afternoon between 1pm & 4pm as this is when the platform identified, the highest volume of clickflow. This does not mean you should not post at any other time, this simply means. If you want to get maximum effective engagment from your posts, then this would be a great time to publish them. Especially the ones that have a call to action! Reports show there is a mahousive peak around 3pm during the week, & before 8am, then again after 8pm at the weekends. I guess when we look at the times & think about daily routines, they make sense dont they.

When is the most effective time to Tweet?
During lunch time hours! Im keeping the answer to this one short sweet. Apparently nowerdays, folk like looking at life from a birds eye view. I have to say hanging out in birds nest is not my thing haha... But I totally respect the platfrom. Twitter is amazing for business all thoroughout the day. But if you hangout there during the lunch time hour, your nest is going to be the place to be! Oh & research also shows, if you add in a picture it is 48% more likely to be retweeted. Ok Tweeties thats enough flying around, lets get back to solid ground haha.

When is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?
On a Friday after 5pm...simple! Lets not forget, LinkedIn is a soacil platform for profesionals. This means it is going to be used mostly during business hours. As Mumpreneurs & femal business owners, we (as much as we want to pull our hair out at times) love what we do, so we dont by rule of thumb, leave the office at 5pm, however. Employees do! So the last thing they want to be doing, is checking on LinkedIn. In saying that reseacrh shows that 5pm during the week, is the most effective time for LinkedIn users to connect & engage. Thats worth highlighting if you are a LinkedIn fan.

So there we have it lovlelies, I hope you have found that useful. Managing your social media for buisiness, can be a very overwhelming thought, but being a big advocate of the platform, Its one that I will always endorse for my business & promote with my M|MK Coaching clients. Socail media is no longer just about displaying ones socail life, it is a platfrom for business to showcase, connect, network & communicate too. Groups, shops, pages, personal accounts, secret groups, Twitter nests, LinkedIn profiles, are all there for you to connect from diffrent areas of your indusrty. Providing you with a better oppertnity to make an impact. 

Own it girl, you have so got this!

Bianca Chappell BA- T.L.S
Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network
Owner of M|MK Coaching Practise

4 Top Tips To A Positive Networking Experience

Often, the very word "networking" can make you want to curl up in a dark room & drink Gin! It's considered awful, awkward, intimidating, toffy nosed, or simply somewhere you go to act like something your not, shove business cards around, & pretend you empire is flying from strength to strength! Sounds familiar? I know my lovely, keep reading. 

In the early days as an employee, a big part of my role was to cultivate relationships with perspective clients (#TheBigBoyzInBusiness) win tenders, & manage the contract at CEO & Directorship level. This required high level networking, & lots of shmooousing for the clients haha. I was extremely successful at it, but I used to HATE going to 'networking' events! 

All the pretence used to drive me in sane! The pointless small talk, all the exchanging of biz cards that I never kept! The awkward moments where you just feel like everyone is trying to sell at each other, showoff, & talk the loudest. Blimey, now I look back, what a total waste of my precious time. No wounder I jacked it all in to work for a charity before going solo.

Fast forward 10 years, I'm now building my own empire, the proud Founder of two organisation, & have aquired an understanding of the importance, & the power of positive 'networking', now I absolutely LOVE it. Why? Because I truly understand my reasons for attending events, & have a very clear desired outcome, of why I accept the invitations to attend. I totally rebooted my mindest & approach to networking, & now make such events work for me & my empire, rather than just being another bum on a seat, adding to numbers for pictures online! 

So I have put together a little list, to share with you my 4 top tips for positive networking. 

1. I don't just go to any & every event!
My time is precious, especially when building an empire around a young family. So I'm extremely selective about what I attend. When I get an invitation, or see an event that catches my eye, I do some digging! I need to be clear that the event meets both mine & my empires needs at the time. If it's just an opportunity to pitch for business, I usually stay clear as that style of networking is not usually positive for my industry as a Life & Business Coach. Taking time to assess if the event is right for you & your empire is never a waste of time, attending an event that did nothing for you or you empire is a huge waste of your precious time.

2. I never go with the intention to sell 
I'm big on masterminding, connecting, supporting, learning, & good topical chit chat, in my experience this always leads to robust connections. So I go with the intention to simply meet new people, cultivate relationships, & explore ways to connect with new people in business. 

3. I only give out  business cards, if I genuinely believe its worth my while doing so
I never give business cards, just to be polite, or because apparently its networking protocol. If I have chit chatted to an amazeballs person, where there is a genuine need to continue further over coffee, because there was a business connection. I will most defiantly exchange cards. If it's just on a give & receive basis. Yes you guessed it my lovely.... I stay clear.  

4. I never follow up immediately! 
Yup you read that correctly haha... Who wants to look desperate right? I always leave at least 24 (sometimes 48)hours before I reconnect again, & when I do its with a personal touch. Think about standing out from the other million sharks who have bombarded that persons poor email inbox, post event. You want yours to stick out & stand out. Adding in open questions that spark convo, & give them a clear invitation to meet. Rather than a generic 'nice to meet you, lets keep in touch', is always a winner in my experience. It makes them want to meet you, & because you have already participated in meaningful conversation at the event, that personal touch is easier to do. Lets be honest nobody likes junk mail or generic emails. Go for the personal touch that is truly authentic to you!

So there you have it my lovelies, I have shared my 4 top tips to networking. That have brought me & my empire before some pretty fabulous well know & high profile peeps & decision makers in business in my time, even more so whilst being a Mumpreneur. Who have turned into not just fellow networking buddies, but business BFFs., that have really supported my entrepreneurial journey, as I have theirs, because I respect that networking in a two way journey. 

You see with networking, one size really dose not fit all. A lot of it is trial & error, where quite like fashion, I guess you have to find your own style. But there are a few mandatory considerations, that are required almost all of the time. when one steps out to showcase their empire & attend a networking event, as I have shared above. Networking is like dating, you are out to find a perfect match for what is right for you & your empire at the time. This may be expanding your knowledge of the sector, seeking new collaboration prospects, finding out about new networking opportunities, hearing about training, making new professional contacts, learning new knowledge, sharing your knowledge, & most importantly being visible within the professional social circle, because! If you are seen enough, curiosity of who you re & what you do.....will kill the cat! 

So you see, my lovely, in my experience, networking is almost never just about selling. Remember these 4 top tips, & you will soon feel in control, calm & radiate confidence to represent your empire. Resulting in networking being not only a fun & positive experience, but also a great use for your precious time. 

Happy positive networking lovelies! xoxo

Bianca Chappell BA-T.L.S
Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network
Owner of M|MK Coaching

6 ways to make the most of small snippets of time

Mumpreneurs can usually be found working in small snippets of time, slotted in where we’re not needed elsewhere, so we work on our businesses as and when we can. There are those who relish the 30 minutes peace they might get when the kids are playing quietly, and get some work done. And there are those who think with only 30 minutes, there’s no point starting anything.
If you struggle to make use of smaller blocks of time, this is for you!

#1. Keep a to do list – If you have a ready made list of what needs doing, with the priorities clearly marked, you can hit the ground running the make the best use of the time you have. No need to spend 10 minutes working out what needs doing, and what you can fit in that time slot – refer to the list and off you go.

#2. Reduce interruptions – When possible, switch your phone to silent, turn notifications off on your computer and disconnect from the internet. Really get your head down to work solidly for the time you have, with no interruptions and distractions. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in a short but focused time slot!

#3. 10 minute tasks – Keep a checklist of 5-10 minute tasks that need doing regularly in your business, these things usually get overlooked as not important enough, but you do need to keep on top of them. I have some that I like to do weekly and monthly, so when I get a little bit of time I can work through these small jobs. These could be things like updating expenses, checking website stats, tidy desk, filing paperwork, backing up files, paying invoices or household bills.

#4. Use waiting time wisely – You probably sometimes find yourself waiting in the car for school or clubs to finish, or arriving early to a meeting, or waiting for an appointment somewhere, and most of us spend that time browsing social media. Use that time productively by keeping a list of blogs, articles and podcasts that you never get round to reading or listening to, and catching up with those in that time.

#5. Group phone calls together – Making phone calls can break up your day if you are doing them here and there, and it can be hard to get back to work if you have another call to make soon. Group your phone calls together and get them all done in one go. Make a little list of all the calls you need to make, and work your way through them. Schedule phone meetings or sessions in blocks together, it will also keep you on time, rather than chatting for an extra 10 minutes at the end, as you need to finish ready for the next call.

#6. No not the running kind! If you struggle to stay focused for longer periods, work in sprints. The ‘Pomodoro Technique’ for time management suggests 25 minutes work then 5 minutes rest (take a toilet break, make a cuppa or have a quiet moment), but you can adapt this for shorter periods of availability and simply repeat until the time you have is up.

Post written by: Carli Wall from Synergy Support

A portfolio of passions

So there you are, shooting up the career ladder like a window cleaner on amphetamines, when BAM! – you get pregnant. You might tell yourself things won’t change, that you can juggle a full time, high powered role and a little person but the reality for many women (certainly not all, but many) is that priorities change when that munchkin puts in an appearance

So suddenly you love changing nappies so much that you’re willing to jack it all in to wipe bums professionally (there’s got to be a joke in there about making a sh*t career move) right? Well not quite. You want to be there for the little one, but you want to have a career too – not just any part-time job but something that challenges you and allows you to use all those skills you’ve built up. And that’s where being a mumprenuer comes in.

Building a portfolio
Because for most the key drivers for becoming a mumprenuer are spending time with your child(ren) and earning money doing something you enjoy and are good at, there are many ways to be a mumprenuer and achieve this.

I, like many other women, have found creating a portfolio career to be the perfect way forward. My own portfolio currently consists of a two day a week role where I’m employed on a permanent contract managing online and printed content for an international accountancy body, a short-term freelance contracting role for a large university and ad hoc freelancing work alongside that. For me, this portfolio allows me to do what I love – the freelance work – but still be sure I can pay the bills at the end of each month.

Sound interesting?
It’s not for everyone, some people are extremely single minded in their focus, but if you like the idea of a bit of variety to help ends meet, then I’ve pulled together a few ingredients you could consider mixing together to create your perfect (and totally bespoke) work life.

  • Not 9-5 - If you’re looking to be employed by someone as part of your portfolio, you aren’t limited to working traditional hours. With the rise in flexible working being offered to existing members of staff, there are more and more part time positions in good roles becoming available to fill the gap left by the newly part time employee. A great place to start looking for roles like this is Ten to Two, a recruitment agency dealing exclusively with flexible and part time positions of all shapes and sizes.
  • Tap into a passion - So say you’re a self-employed accountant. You’re great at numbers and experienced to the hilt. But you also love to bake. Could you combine the two and get the best of both worlds by making a hobby work harder for you? M|MK Coaching or another life coach can offer you support to help you move in a new direction and why not use social networking groups to pick the brains of others already in the new industry?
  • Make the connection - It may be that what you’re doing as a primary job could actually lend itself to supporting a second stream of income – for instance if you’re a freelance travel journalist but also an amateur photographer could you sell the photos you take while on location? Or if you’re a nail technician could you become a reseller of the products you use and promote them to your clients?
  • Fill in the gaps - If you’re not bringing in as much as you need, or there’s a particular passion that you’re keen to get involved with in a more low-key way, you can pad out your portfolio by taking smaller jobs like dog walking if you’re a fan of four-legged furry types or enter short story competitions if you’re an aspiring novelist.
Watch out for the thorns
Those are just some of the ways you could combine different interests or elements to create a fulfilling career. But it’s not all a bed of roses, sometimes remembering where you have to be from one day to the next can be a challenge in itself! Before you take the plunge and dive into creating your own portfolio I’ve outlined some of the pros and cons I’ve found in juggling lots of balls.

The benefits:

  • You never have the chance to get bored.
  • You can mix security with something more ‘out there’.
  • If part of your mix is an in-house role you’ll get pension contributions, paid holiday and the usual employee perks whilst still pursuing your dreams.
  • You get to meet and work with a real mixture of people.
  • You will be constantly networking for other relevant parts of your portfolio.
  • You develop many new skills in different areas.
The drawbacks:

  • Make sure you factor your family life into the equation – that was the reason you became a mumprenuer in the first place remember.
  • If multi-tasking isn’t your finest skill you many find the juggling act too much to bear.
  •  You may feel like a jack of all trades and master of none.
  • It can be tough to find the time to invest in and focus on growing your main area of passion, if that’s what you are looking to do – this takes discipline.
Ultimately, a portfolio career gives you the ability to pull together many strands of your life and work them around your family commitments (if you plan it carefully). And so for me will this portfolio last forever? Who knows, but that’s the beauty of this kind of career, it’s flexible and able to change to meet your needs at any given time.

About me

I’m Angie McAllister, a freelance copywriter, content marketer and editorial manager. I specialise in helping small businesses tell their story effectively and with personality across many different channels. Find out more about what I do at