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How to write a very good SEO rich blog post in short time.

Content marketing is a great way to generate more traffic to your website, but I know, it takes a long time to write a blog post. In this article, I'd like to share with you a few tips how to write a very good blog post in short time.

Tip 1: Take some time writing the first few blog posts... The first thing you should do, even if it sounds odd, is to take some time writing the first few blog posts, figuring out your style, what you like writing about, what readers like and don't.

Tip: 2 Create a template to build an architecture of your blog posts... Then, create a template to build an architecture of your blog posts: introduction, body,  conclusion. Every time, make sure you include 3 to 7 headings and subheadings (remember: this is the place where you should be featuring the right target keyword of this article) with the main ideas. Subheadings break down sections within your blog post, so it makes it easier to skim. Without subheadings, people won't be able to get the gi…
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Our New Look HQ

It's official and we are delighted to share this news! You spoke & our fabulous Mumpreneurs|MK Network Founder Bianca Chappell listened. 
The makeover of our new look HQ is well under way, to provide a fresh co-working space, digital hub and training/workshops programme called The Mumpreneurs|MK Academy designed specifically to support your Mumpreneur journey. 
Same space, new look with more ways on offer to up level your business and support you to truly 'Step Into Your Power' as a business woman in 2018.
Keep an eye out for further details of opening hours and how you can enroll onto our Mumpreneurs|MK Academy training programme, we can not wait to share the new space and all it has to offer at our HQ with you Mumpreneurs.

Its Party Time!

It was a great to kick off the festive season with the ladies of our Mumpreneurs|MK Members Club #TheMMC, at our 2nd annual Christmas party. It was a fantastic morning full of fun, laughter & delicious food! Everybody was in the Christmas spirit, it really was & always is a great way for us Mumpreneurs to get together & celebrate a great year of business women's friendship.
It is a delight to host this fab club that supports the woman behind the business every month. Our Mumpreneurs|MK Network friends at @BrownBrasserie did a fantastic job in hosting us, as they have done throughout 2017.
Our monthly member's club #TheMMC meets at our HQ The Mumpreneurs|MK Centre on the 1st Thursday of every month, 10am till 12 noon. For what is so much more than networking, & everything to do with support for your Mumpreneur journey & the woman behind the business. To watch a little slideshow of the day click here.
To learn more about how you can join our fab members club cl…


We are loving the touch of Christmas light sparkle, our tree is adding down at HQ. Perfect for bringing that festive feel to all the Mumpreneurs who use our co-working space during the week, to work on their empires. 
The Mumpreneurs|MK Centre is an open door co-working space, open every Monday and Wednesday between 9.30 and 2pm. A popular weekly complimentary service we love to provide for mums in enterprise in MK. 
No need to book, just pop in to: The Mumpreneurs MK Centre  35 The Concourse The Brunel Business Centre  Bletchley  MK2 2ES ☎️07428787519
Mumpreneurs|MK successfully supporting Mums in business since 2012.

Meet the new Mumpreneurs|MK Angels!

Our team is growing yaaay!
For every event training session, workshop and conference we host as a network, it would be impossible to deliver the robust work we do, without the help and support of our volunteers, or as we like to refer to them our 'Mumpreneurs|MK Angels!'. Complimented beautifully by the dedicated and passionate lead, our Founder Bianca Chappell provides The Mumprneurs|MK network with. 
We are bursting with joy to announce that we now have two newbies joining our Mumprneurs|MK team, taking a lead on hosting events and administrative support throughout the network. 
As a networking development agency and leadership infrastructure organisation, supporting Mumpreneurs within Milton Keynes and the Three Counties. We pride ourselves with the connections that we make with the commercial business sector and women in business holding positions of power. This is not only to support our network but to deliver work to support our community members too! 
So to have these …

Mumpreneurs|MK & The Mayor of Milton Keynes!

After the success of our first inspiration and empowerment conference #MumpreneursMKLive! We are thrilled to have received a letter from our events guest of honour The Mayor of Milton Keynes.

Supporting Mums in enterprise is at the core of what we do here at The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, we are a networking development agency that is proud to have been successfully supporting Mumpreneurs in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas since 2012.

From our events, workshops at The Mumpreneurs|MK Center to our annual conference #MumprneursMK Live! and Members Club #TheMMC, we aim to connect and support our Mumpreneur tribe, and are delighted to establish new influential connections this week, supporting us to deliver this work even further.

Meet our new network friends!

We are absolutely delighted to have Morrisons as an official supporter of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, and an official commercial sponsor for our #MumprneursMKLive! 2017 event. As a not for profit organisation leadership infrastructure organisation, it would be impossible for us to deliver the work we do for the Mumpreneurs community, without the support and in-kind donations from robust businesses. It is an honour to have Morrisons join our list of Mumpreneurs|MK Network sponsors, we are thrilled to have you on board as friends and supporters of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network.

Apply To Join Our Members Club Here