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Achieving goals bring...

On my travels yesterday, I was blessed to meet new people, connect with new clients & enrich my mind with new knowledge. From everything that came within the last 24 hours, I learnt a lesson, that I had to share with you all. It simply goes like this....
"I do not know the keys to success, but I do know that there are 4 keys to failure. One is disbelief in yourself, two is ignoring your dreams, three is believing others when they say you cant, & the forth key is knowing all if this & still....ignoring it"                                                                       Bianca Chappell
I hope this daily dose of inspiration inspires you, ignites a passion, motivates you to make a decision, or even causes you to think. But whatever it does, most of all I hope it provides a moment for you to stop, & look introspectively at yourself, even if it just for a minute. Allowing you time to reconnect with your dreams & aspirations, & maybe, just maybe start act…

Business Coaching

What is Coaching?

As a Personal Development & Business Coach for both Mums & Mumpreneurs, my role is to support and encourage you, to help unlock & fulfil your potential, resulting in you being able to get the best out of your Mumpreneure journey.

Together we would:

Talk about your challenging or limiting situationDiscuss values, attitudes and beliefsHelp you to set suitable goals for changeBreak down set goals into small manageable stepsLook at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacksSupport you to stay motivated and committed
As a Coach I pride myself on delivering friendly & very relaxed Coaching sessions to all my clients, & am flexible enough to be able to accommodate clients Coaching session via Skype, phone or face to face.

If you like the thought of working along side a Coach for personal, professional or perhaps both areas of your life, why don't we start with a friendly complimentary chat? Together we can connect & I will happily answer any questions y…

#6 Top Tips on how to become a more effective Mumpreneure

Being a Mumpreneure is very liberating!  You can create your own hours, pick projects that you are excited to work on, select your clients, work around the children and work from any space that you feel most comfortable in. 
I have been working for myself for a while now and I absolutely love it, but I have to say it wasn't easy at first. I had a really hard time making my work a priority. There always seemed to be 'a non' work commitment, a family member that needed my help, a wash load to do or a appointment you forgot about to attend! I realised that I really needed to set some ground rules for myself so I could start treating my work time and my 'Mumpreneure Persona' at home just like I would if I worked in an office.
So if you are a Mumpreneure reading this and thinking...YES, this so sounds like me! Here are the 5 simple steps you can take to improve your concentration and productivity, when working form home as a Mumpreneure.
#1 {Designate a workspace} – Whe…


Saying you want to be your own boss, is easy to say but not so easy to do and excel at. This is because often, we don't take the time, to really think about what is involved, what we are committing to more over, what we have to continue to do once you have got started. I have put together a list of 'Top Tips' to remember when starting a business. Now, lets face it, for even those of us Mumpreneurs who are well established in business, a refresher is always a healthy thing to do! #Lol...
So weather you are thinking about starting a business, in the process of setting up a business, or been in business for a while. My 'Top Tips' will give you all that moment of Ta-Dah! and make you stop, reflect, analyse and set a new list of actions, to give your business and motivation a little boost.
{Research the right legal Business Structure for you!} To often I hear of woman who set themselves up in business that is simply not suited for them. the consequence of this can be HU…

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