#6 Top Tips on how to become a more effective Mumpreneure

Being a Mumpreneure is very liberating!  You can create your own hours, pick projects that you are excited to work on, select your clients, work around the children and work from any space that you feel most comfortable in. 

I have been working for myself for a while now and I absolutely love it, but I have to say it wasn't easy at first. I had a really hard time making my work a priority. There always seemed to be 'a non' work commitment, a family member that needed my help, a wash load to do or a appointment you forgot about to attend! I realised that I really needed to set some ground rules for myself so I could start treating my work time and my 'Mumpreneure Persona' at home just like I would if I worked in an office.

So if you are a Mumpreneure reading this and thinking...YES, this so sounds like me! Here are the 5 simple steps you can take to improve your concentration and productivity, when working form home as a Mumpreneure.

#1 {Designate a workspace} – When I first started working from home, I used my Laptop, Smart Phone and Tablet to run my business on the go. I never had a designated space that I used just for work. I was so distracted by everything happening around the house, it took me twice as long to get both my house work and commitments as well as my Mumprenure work done. When I set up a designated workspace for myself at home, it made it much easier to sit down and work without getting distracted.

#2 {organised} – There are so many organisational apps and on-line programs. Find one that works for you and implement it into your daily work. I like to use my Calendar on my Tablet to stay organised, as I can get notifications and reminders, but I also have a running “to do” list next to my computer that keeps me on track.

#3 {Plan ahead} – This ties in nicely to using a calendar on your computer or desk to stay organised. I always plan out my entire week, and sometimes even the following week, on a Sunday. This allows me to see what my workload looks like and helps to create a schedule that I can stick to. Also, a huge tip, is don't book clients or appointments without having your diary with you! Its best to take contact details, then call to confirm or schedule an appointment. Calling to book a client is better than calling to reschedule because you have double booked your time! #Professionalisum

#4 {Work the same hours every day} – Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit. Creating a designated time for work that stays the same each day will hugely increase your productivity.  If you are only working part time, set aside the same 2 or 4 hours each day for work. That way, if you have other commitments like the school run or child care, you can easily schedule them around your self designated work time.

#5 {Schedule time for checking Social Media and Emails}  - Instead of constantly checking and sending emails, designate 2 or 3 times throughout your workday for them. This will allow you to stay on track and work uninterrupted on projects. its also a good idea to set a signature or out of office reply at the end of your email, informing contacts of a time in which you intend to respond e.f. 24 hours. This way you are setting out expectations and allowing yourself realistic work loads.

#6 {Power down at 5 o’clock} – A common complaint I hear from my M:MK Coaching Clients is, working round the clock is common for them. Remember just because you are a Mumprenure, does not mean you have to be constantly working. Just because your self employed and your home is your office, doesn't mean you should be up half the night checking email or updating your business persona on social media whilst cooking,  Designate a time to start and stop, and when that time comes, down tools, and relax. you will find that by doing this your home life will thank you for it and you will not feel so stretched trying to balance all the hats you wear, with a business thrown in the mix! 

If you enjoyed these tips, there are plenty more where they came from! My M|MK Coaching sessions are designed to assist on you Mumpreneure Journey. For more info on how yo can book a session, Follow the M|MK Coaching Page on FACEBOOK by clicking on this snazzy link!

Stay fabulous!