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Join Our High Vibe Facebook Group!

Lots of work has been going on behind scenes, during the last week here at Mumpreneurs|MK. All with the aim of making our fab community even better, to support your entrepreneurial journey.
Our Facebook Group is here for you my lovelies! All the content I post is to motivate, inspire & develop your Mumpreneur journey. But you just can't beat good old chit chat, advice & tip sharing between women, who all have a common bond can yah haha... And as were all on a journey of entrepreneurial success, I'm sure we could talk the hind legs off a donkey between us lol...
So here is my personal invitation to each & everyone of you, to feel free to participate in our Facebook Group with any Qs, tips, advice, Biz rants, live videos, Boss Lady successes, discussion topics, messages of motivation, workspace selfies, e.t.c you catch my drift haha....
#Goals - Use our group to post about your goals for the day/week/month. We would love to support you!
#Qs - If there is anything yo…


I hosted a webinar last night, with a intimate group of my M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp clients ( Where I used this image as part of an exercise to, get them thinking like a business woman.
I simply asked "what do you see?" Some said, it compromised the quality & reputation of the brand. Others said, it encourages customers to make the expensive purchase, of a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. As an expression & celebration of being able to to do so.
Nobody said, it was just a bag that made them laugh. Great! Correct answer.
Because as women in business, when we decide to step up our game, & really work at making our empires legendary & sustainable businesses.
We must look at things differently! We must look at business from angles that many don't, because that is what the successful big players in business do. We must always think about the consequences, both positive & negative of our actions, when making decisions & taking business risks.

Minsdet Mastery

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, & stop being in the 98%?
Most will say yes, but their actions tell a diffrent story. Beause simply put they are scared of being vulnerable, taking the risk, & taking action, to design the life they really want to live! Why because it means going against a lot of their unconscious rules, it means stepping out, it means embracing the unknown & going for your dreams.
The truth is, when you strip it all back & keep things simple. Making your dreams achievable is easier than you think (especially with a good Coach by your side *wink wink haha).
Identifying your life vision, & being bold enough to execute it leads to. Confidence, excitement, abundance, & a happier more fulfilled you who is living life as the 2%
So my lovelies, be bold, be brave & go for your dreams! 
Bianca Chappell Ba-Hons T.L.S Owner of M|MK Coaching Practice

4 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Managment For Business

As female business owners, many of us have online personas for our empires. Be it to sell products, promote our services, lead our tribe, be visible or to communicate with your audiance. Social media to business, is like water to a person lost in the desert! When used correctly at peak times, it really is a platform that can catapult your professional persona & business, to new dimesions. 
So as a business woman, now you have established that social media is a platform well worth using, the next step is to get your head around the task of managing it! Yes my lovley I know, at times managing your social media accounts (especially if you have multiple platforms to show up in) can feel like you are giving birth whilst doing the school run... all at the same time! #Stressful! Its overwhelming & just as you get it, an update happens... & your back to square one! The journey of understanding starts again. Yup I know, your not alone my lovely its an ongoing battle. Haha...
 As a…

4 Top Tips To A Positive Networking Experience

Often, the very word "networking" can make you want to curl up in a dark room & drink Gin! It's considered awful, awkward, intimidating, toffy nosed, or simply somewhere you go to act like something your not, shove business cards around, & pretend you empire is flying from strength to strength! Sounds familiar? I know my lovely, keep reading. 
In the early days as an employee, a big part of my role was to cultivate relationships with perspective clients (#TheBigBoyzInBusiness) win tenders, & manage the contract at CEO & Directorship level. This required high level networking, & lots of shmooousing for the clients haha. I was extremely successful at it, but I used to HATE going to 'networking' events! 
All the pretence used to drive me in sane! The pointless small talk, all the exchanging of biz cards that I never kept! The awkward moments where you just feel like everyone is trying to sell at each other, showoff, & talk the loudest. Blimey…

6 ways to make the most of small snippets of time

Mumpreneurs can usually be found working in small snippets of time, slotted in where we’re not needed elsewhere, so we work on our businesses as and when we can. There are those who relish the 30 minutes peace they might get when the kids are playing quietly, and get some work done. And there are those who think with only 30 minutes, there’s no point starting anything. If you struggle to make use of smaller blocks of time, this is for you!
#1. Keep a to do list – If you have a ready made list of what needs doing, with the priorities clearly marked, you can hit the ground running the make the best use of the time you have. No need to spend 10 minutes working out what needs doing, and what you can fit in that time slot – refer to the list and off you go.
#2. Reduce interruptions – When possible, switch your phone to silent, turn notifications off on your computer and disconnect from the internet. Really get your head down to work solidly for the time you have, with no interruptions and d…

A portfolio of passions

So there you are, shooting up the career ladder like a window cleaner on amphetamines, when BAM! – you get pregnant. You might tell yourself things won’t change, that you can juggle a full time, high powered role and a little person but the reality for many women (certainly not all, but many) is that priorities change when that munchkin puts in an appearance
So suddenly you love changing nappies so much that you’re willing to jack it all in to wipe bums professionally (there’s got to be a joke in there about making a sh*t career move) right? Well not quite. You want to be there for the little one, but you want to have a career too – not just any part-time job but something that challenges you and allows you to use all those skills you’ve built up. And that’s where being a mumprenuer comes in.
Building a portfolio Because for most the key drivers for becoming a mumprenuer are spending time with your child(ren) and earning money doing something you enjoy and are good at, there are many …

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