4 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Managment For Business

As female business owners, many of us have online personas for our empires. Be it to sell products, promote our services, lead our tribe, be visible or to communicate with your audiance. Social media to business, is like water to a person lost in the desert! When used correctly at peak times, it really is a platform that can catapult your professional persona & business, to new dimesions. 

So as a business woman, now you have established that social media is a platform well worth using, the next step is to get your head around the task of managing it! Yes my lovley I know, at times managing your social media accounts (especially if you have multiple platforms to show up in) can feel like you are giving birth whilst doing the school run... all at the same time! #Stressful! Its overwhelming & just as you get it, an update happens... & your back to square one! The journey of understanding starts again. Yup I know, your not alone my lovely its an ongoing battle. Haha...
 As a Mumpreneur myself, who has a high volume socail media presence, on multiple platforms. I made it my duty to research ways to take the stress out of my socail media managment, & explore the many reports out there. That tell us the best times to post to get maximum impact out of our engagment efforts. I focused on the three most popular platforms for business, as identified from my research project with my M|MK Coaching clients. These were Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

So here goes lovelies, grab your snazzy pens & note books, were going in!

When is the best time to post on Facebook?
In the afternoon between 1pm & 4pm as this is when the platform identified, the highest volume of clickflow. This does not mean you should not post at any other time, this simply means. If you want to get maximum effective engagment from your posts, then this would be a great time to publish them. Especially the ones that have a call to action! Reports show there is a mahousive peak around 3pm during the week, & before 8am, then again after 8pm at the weekends. I guess when we look at the times & think about daily routines, they make sense dont they.

When is the most effective time to Tweet?
During lunch time hours! Im keeping the answer to this one short sweet. Apparently nowerdays, folk like looking at life from a birds eye view. I have to say hanging out in birds nest is not my thing haha... But I totally respect the platfrom. Twitter is amazing for business all thoroughout the day. But if you hangout there during the lunch time hour, your nest is going to be the place to be! Oh & research also shows, if you add in a picture it is 48% more likely to be retweeted. Ok Tweeties thats enough flying around, lets get back to solid ground haha.

When is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?
On a Friday after 5pm...simple! Lets not forget, LinkedIn is a soacil platform for profesionals. This means it is going to be used mostly during business hours. As Mumpreneurs & femal business owners, we (as much as we want to pull our hair out at times) love what we do, so we dont by rule of thumb, leave the office at 5pm, however. Employees do! So the last thing they want to be doing, is checking on LinkedIn. In saying that reseacrh shows that 5pm during the week, is the most effective time for LinkedIn users to connect & engage. Thats worth highlighting if you are a LinkedIn fan.

So there we have it lovlelies, I hope you have found that useful. Managing your social media for buisiness, can be a very overwhelming thought, but being a big advocate of the platform, Its one that I will always endorse for my business & promote with my M|MK Coaching clients. Socail media is no longer just about displaying ones socail life, it is a platfrom for business to showcase, connect, network & communicate too. Groups, shops, pages, personal accounts, secret groups, Twitter nests, LinkedIn profiles, are all there for you to connect from diffrent areas of your indusrty. Providing you with a better oppertnity to make an impact. 

Own it girl, you have so got this!

Bianca Chappell BA- T.L.S
Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network
Owner of M|MK Coaching Practise www.mmkcoaching.co.uk