Join Our High Vibe Facebook Group!

Lots of work has been going on behind scenes, during the last week here at Mumpreneurs|MK. All with the aim of making our fab community even better, to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Facebook Group is here for you my lovelies! All the content I post is to motivate, inspire & develop your Mumpreneur journey. But you just can't beat good old chit chat, advice & tip sharing between women, who all have a common bond can yah haha... And as were all on a journey of entrepreneurial success, I'm sure we could talk the hind legs off a donkey between us lol...

So here is my personal invitation to each & everyone of you, to feel free to participate in our Facebook Group with any Qs, tips, advice, Biz rants, live videos, Boss Lady successes, discussion topics, messages of motivation, workspace selfies, e.t.c you catch my drift haha....

#Goals - Use our group to post about your goals for the day/week/month. We would love to support you!

#Qs - If there is anything you'd like to ask this group? Biz problem, Biz rant about, advice, JUST DO IT! We're here to help yah huni.

#Tips - Have you discovered a new resource, system, tool or perhaps new process that has worked & helped you in your business significantly? Share the love with us lovely! There is someone on this Mumpreneurs|MK Girl Gang, that needs your knowledge.

#Inspiration -We can ALL inspire eachother, so please share anything that inspires or motivates you. I promise it will help another #BossLady in the group. Be the person to put a smile on her face.

#Achievments- We want to celebrate with you! So go ahead & share your business wins & achievements. If there is something you are proud you've accomplished, be it big or small. Let's celebrate with you. 

#Selfies - Us M|MK lades, luuurv a good selfie! Especially a workspace, & stationary selfie. So go ahead & share your #MumpreneurLand moments with us. 

As Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, & manager of our high engagmnet Facebook Group I will approve almost ALL posts, in line with the above, because this group & community is here to support women entripeneurs just like you. Let's come together & make this lonely experience of building an empire, less isolating, more supportive & above all fun.

Oh & remember, our closed group is for our eyes only, if your names not down, you ain't coming in! (& trust me I vet everyone before I decide to press the approve button). So don't worry about being vulnerable at times, or asking what you think are silly Qs. I promise there will be a 100 others probably thinking the same thing at some point or another.

See you over ther lovelies!

Bianca Chappell 
Founder of The Mumprneurs|MK Network

p.s: Incase you missded the link to the to join our fab Facebook Group... Click here!