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Our name is above the door!

I'm so happy to finally have the Mumpreneurs|MK logo along & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit on the door down at The Mumpreneurs|MK Center. 
It's been 388 days since Mumpreneurs|MK moved into our own home & we have created a fresh, stylish, welcoming & professional networking space for our mumpreneurs. Orgnanically growing since we started in 2012, on the funding & sponsorship of commercial companies within our local town, & now thanks to the support of local company CMI Architecture, we now have our name on the door.
Running a home, family, business (M|MK Coaching), The Mumpreneurs|MK Network & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit is hard hard work, but! So, so rewarding & my passion of love, so when little things like this happen, it means the world.
So my lovely, from one mumpreneur to another, I encourage you to keep going with the development of your empire, even on the bad, things are not making sense, this is not working…

How the holidays are the perfect period to tidy up paperwork

The Christmas festivities have died down, the wine is all by a memory, and the beloved Christmas music has been taken out of the CD player for another year. The busyness of Christmas Day is starting to recede from your memory, and before you know it, thoughts have returned to work.
But before you knuckle down to answer emails, or plan for the year ahead, there is one area of your business that really needs your attention, and this is the perfect time to do it. Paperwork!
For many it becomes the bane of their lives. Papers shoved in folders, piled in countless trays or left haphazard around the room and desk are not only untidy and disorganised, but can actually cost your business time and money! We all know how busy our working lives are, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there is time for sorting out paperwork, as our time is always being nabbed by the newest client, the loudest client, the urgent emails, and the ‘must do’s’ on our to-do lists.
Follow this easy step guide to so…

Round up of the year

We’ve all seen those ‘Your year’ posts on social media. You know, the ones that pull in your favourite posts, the photo that got the most likes, the tagged photos that everyone got a laugh at throughout the year. 
They are designed to give you a chance to look back on the year you’ve had, the ups, the downs, the happy moments, the not so happy moments.
This type of collection can also work for your business, for giving you a chance to see what’s happened in the world of your business, but can also give current AND potential clients an idea of what your journey has been like in the last 12 months.
The types of things you can pull together are popular blogs you’ve written, videos of your business, achievements or accolades, positive feedback from satisfied clients or customers and lots of photos.
These can be of creations, or items that you sell, or even a screenshot of your newly renovated website! Anything that shows the progression of your business over the past year.
Collate and sha…

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