Our name is above the door!

I'm so happy to finally have the Mumpreneurs|MK logo along & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit on the door down at The Mumpreneurs|MK Center. 

It's been 388 days since Mumpreneurs|MK moved into our own home & we have created a fresh, stylish, welcoming & professional networking space for our mumpreneurs. Orgnanically growing since we started in 2012, on the funding & sponsorship of commercial companies within our local town, & now thanks to the support of local company CMI Architecture, we now have our name on the door.

Running a home, family, business (M|MK Coaching), The Mumpreneurs|MK Network & our sister organisation The Real Mums Pulpit is hard hard work, but! So, so rewarding & my passion of love, so when little things like this happen, it means the world.

So my lovely, from one mumpreneur to another, I encourage you to keep going with the development of your empire, even on the bad, things are not making sense, this is not working, I need to go back into employment days haha.. (we all have them from time to time my lovely, its perfectly normal) But just keep going & dont give up, because you are probably on the brink of your business breakthrough. Don't forget to celebrate your small victories lovelies, you have probably got more to celebrate then you realise!

Bianca Chappell
Founder of  The Mumprneurs|MK Network