Round up of the year

We’ve all seen those ‘Your year’ posts on social media. You know, the ones that pull in your favourite posts, the photo that got the most likes, the tagged photos that everyone got a laugh at throughout the year. 

They are designed to give you a chance to look back on the year you’ve had, the ups, the downs, the happy moments, the not so happy moments.

This type of collection can also work for your business, for giving you a chance to see what’s happened in the world of your business, but can also give current AND potential clients an idea of what your journey has been like in the last 12 months.

The types of things you can pull together are popular blogs you’ve written, videos of your business, achievements or accolades, positive feedback from satisfied clients or customers and lots of photos.

These can be of creations, or items that you sell, or even a screenshot of your newly renovated website! Anything that shows the progression of your business over the past year.

Collate and share to your heart’s content!

If nothing else, it will bring a smile to your face, as you reminisce on your successes, however small they may be, into something you can look back at in years to come!

Article written by: Emma Williamson
Owner of: Make a Cup of Tea Website: