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Become An Official Member

Become an Official Mumpreneurs|MK Member

If you are a 'Mum In Enterprise' then Mumpreneurs|MK membership may just be for you!

Here at Mumpreneurs|MK, we are proud to offer a membership package, designed exclusively by Mumpreneurs, for Mumpreneurs we are both at the start of their journey or already existing in business.

Who can be a Mumpreneurs|MK member?
Our membership is suitable for, Mumpreneurs running a small business or mums who may be thinking of starting a small business. It may be a startup, small evolving idea or a well established one, no matter the product the idea, or years behind your empire, our membership is open to all.
What does membership include?

Our Membership features include

  • FREE hire of the Mumpreneurs|MK Center to host your own events and workshops
  • FREE 12 months listing in our Mumpreneurs|MK Directory
  • A Feature Spot in our 'Mumprneurs|MK' monthly newsletter
  • 20% Off an annual membership to join our monthly Mastermind Club #TheMMC 
  • Priority to book a hot desk at our weekly #GetStuffDoneMonday co-working event
  • Entry into our monthly draw for 'Mumpreneur Of The Month'

So how much ask?
Official Membership is an annual fee of **£60.00 (that's just £5.00 a month!)

So, how I sign up?
Signing up is so easy! Simply click here to email us, with a request to join, and a membership form will be sent directly to your email & Ta-Dah!

 "Welcome to the network in advance!" 

Official Membership Excludes membership to The Mumpreneurs|MK Members Club #TheMMC Membership prices are subject to change & are non-refundable at the point of purchase. Membership can only be paid in an annual capacity. In the event of misconduct of members, The Mumprneurs|MK Founder or a Board Member has the right to cancel and withdraw membership without a refund at any time. Please note: The grant application process is subject to availability & investment funding, and is only open at designated times throughout the year, becoming an official member only make you eligible to apply for a grant.

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